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I have two blog sites.  One is specific for couples.  The other is counseling for all.  The first site is located at: http://minneapoliscounselinglounge.wordpress.com/

My blog site for couples provide "tune-ups". Here is the link for the blog site:
http://relationshiptuneups.wordpress.com/.  I have provided a entry below so couples may know what is available there.

Last week I was meeting with my friend and describing a little bit about what I do for couples in my therapy practice.  After I talked about what I did she stated, "It's kind of like you are a Love Mechanic".  After pondering on this phrase I thought about how a couple’s therapist IS like a "love mechanic" and how all relationships need consistent "tune-ups". 

Let's take the concept of a car.   All cars need tune-ups to continue to run smoothly.   Some maintenance is routine like checking the tire pressure, oil changes, and changing the air filters.  These may be cares that you can do on your without assistance, though even  for me some of these tasks I can't do.  But needless to say some can do more of the general maintenance of a car without help. 

Then at times our cars need repairs.  This moves outside of the general maintenance and it is often unexpected.  In this situation most of us will go to a mechanic when repairs are needed, as we can not complete them on our own.  But what about the car enthusiast you ask?  You know the one, the individual who has spent hours at home taking the car apart, reading do-it-your self manuals, or even watching an "expert" repair a car to learn.   The enthusiast puts in hours learning how to repair the car, even though many mistakes are made.    It takes time and patience to be really good at car repairs. 

Now how is a relationship like a car you ask?  A relationship needs "general maintenance" to run smoothly.  If one forgets to do the "general maintenance" the relationship may fall apart or need repairs.  What does general maintenance look like in a relationship?  It is the little things you do for your partner...such as the kiss in the morning before you leave, the sense of gratitude you give when your partner does something you like, taking the time to really listen when your partner needs you, or even just taking the garbage out.  Maintenance can be small things that we do for our partners but left unattended it can become larger and lead to the need for "repairs". 

What do you when repairs are needed?  That is where the “Love Mechanic” can step in.  The “Love Mechanic” can teach you the skills or show you the tools to assist in repairing your relationship.  My hope is to assist all my clients into become relationship enthusiasts who want to learn how relationships running smoothly without the assistance of the "mechanic".  Now remember much like a car sometimes repairs are needed in relationships even when the general maintenance has been kept up.  Unexpected events occur that can make it difficult for both partners to "run" the relationship smoothly.  This might be when the "mechanic" is needed most. 

Through this blog I hope to provide “tune-ups” for relationships that you at home can do on your own.  But if you find that your relationships are in need of repairs you know you can contact me, your “Love Mechanic”.   Please stay tuned while I continue to provide relationship "tune-ups" for couples.  
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